Veteran Story: Major Ralph Ford Tredre

This week, we are pleased to feature Ralph Ford Tredre, a Major in the RAMC, who was assigned a unique and special mission to map out malaria zones on mainland Greece in February 1941. Leading a Malaria Field Laboratory of six men, Ralph undertook a tour throughout Greece over several weeks, ending with his evacuation on 27th April 1941.

His very detailed account, written in late 1941, amounting to many thousands of words, provides insights into the atmosphere at this time and the sense of chaos and encroaching disaster. This account has never been published or shared until now. His grandson, Roger Tredre, has very kindly provided us with a copy of his grandfather’s wartime diaries of his time in Greece. (Please note these diaries are still be published and are the copyright of Ralph’s son Alec Ford Tredre and grandson Roger Ford Tredre). 

Please click on the link below and scroll down to STORY where you will be able to read about Ralph’s experiences.  

Read Ralph Ford Tredre’s Story




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