The Brotherhood Archive

We are very grateful to Noah Scott for his hard work and dedication over the last few years in building and curating our archive. It is based on accounts from individuals who were involved in some way in the Greek Campaign, the majority of whom are (or were) members of the Brotherhood, supplemented by information from our research and other sources. 

In developing the archive, Noah is capturing – not just people’s activities as part of the Greek Campaign – but where possible, their whole stories. Typically we have been trying to gather information as follows:

  • Registration Form (with photo if available)
  • Foreword (including published works if appropriate)
  • Pre-Greece (UK training, passage to Suez, time in Egypt etc)
  • Greek Campaign (advance, withdrawal, evacuation, surrender)
  • Post-Greece (further military career or Prisoner of War)
  • Post-Script and Last Post

Our list below includes members of the Brotherhood and others who we know took part in the Greek Campaign.

If you are looking for more information about anyone who is mentioned here –  please check the ‘Greek Veterans’ part of this website. This is where you will find  details of the veterans we know about.

Please get in touch if you wish to know more or would like to contribute to the Archive.

                           VETERANS OF THE GREEK CAMPAIGN
Veteran Unit
Abbs Len RAF, 211 Sqn
Adams Alfred RASC, 308 Coy
Amy Bill RAF, 84 Sqn
Ansell Jack RCS, 3 L of C
Arnold Bert RAMC, 189 Field Amb
Arthur Douglas RHA, 106 AA Regt
Atherton Clifford 1944 Liberation Force
Avery Bob RCS, 3 L of C





Harold Bain

RAF, 33 Sqn

4th QO Hussars, RAC

122 Bty, 13 LAA Regt RA

Balascas Nikos Greek Resistance P.E.A.N.
Baldwin Ken RASC, 13 Res MT Coy
Banks Matthew RASC, 2 Adv MTSD
Bardsley Eric RCS
Barefoot Peter RN, 1944 Liberation Force
Barnes Eric RASC, 211 Coy
Barrett Arthur Army – Unit N/K
Bayley George RE Dvr



D A ‘Joe’



Begley Frederick RAC, 3RTR



William G

RASC, 13 Res MT Coy

A Coy, 24 Bn 2NZEF

Bennett Roy RAC, 4th Q O Hussars
Bennett Sid ‘Wiggy’ RN, HMS Havoc
Berridge Sidney RCS, 3 Air Form
Berry Harold RASC
Beynon Philip Oswald RE (Dvr)
Biggs Hilary W RN, Cdr, O/C HMS Hero
Boden Dennis E RAMC, 189 Field Amb
Bowditch S.P.? RAF, 33 Sqn
Bowis Peter RE, 3rd (Cheshire) Field Sqn
Bowler Edward “Ted” RAOC, att’d 6NZ? S/Sgt?
Bowness Leslie RAMC, 4 Light Field Amb
Braby Matt Fred RAF, 211 Sqn, Sgt
Bradburn Ernest Edwardes AIF, 1st Aus Sigs
Bradbury William RE, 292 Army Field Coy
Bradding Edward Albert 2NZEF, 18th Bn
Bradford John W A RE, 1st (Dorset) E&M Coy
Bradford Reg David RAC, 4th Q O Hussars
Bradley Albert Leo 2NZEF, 4th Field Artillery, Trp Sgt
Bradley Charles Henry (Brit) Rangers, 1st Bn KRRC
Bradley Charles Henry (NZ) 2NZEF, 18th Bn
Bradley Harry Lawrence 2NZEF, 25th Bn
Bradley Jack RE, 292 Army Field Coy
Bradley John Franklin 2NZEF, 21st Bn
Bradley Orlon Guthrie4199 2NZEF, 19th Army Field Coy
Bradley Stuart Loxley 2NZEF, 21st Bn
Brady Nick L 2NZEF, 19th Bn
Bready Albert George 2NZEF, 25th Bn
Breakspear Norman RASC, 312 Coy
Breakspeare Scott CMP, 1st Provost Coy
Brearley Harry RAVC, Army Remount Service
Brearley Sam RASC
Brenner Arthur Smart RE, 707 Gen Const Coy
Brown Charles S 3rd Cheshires
Bryant C D RCS (Driver)
Bryant C W B Surv Regt, 4 Durham TA
Bryant E C AIF, 2/1 M/Gun Bn
Budrey James RAF, 211 Sqn
Bundy Fred RCS




Frederick C

Henry A

RHA, 2 Regt

No 1 MT Res Coy, RASC

4th QO Hussars, RAC





Joe P

John H L


Charles J


1 Rangers (9 KRRC)


6th Aus Div, RAA; 2/1st A-T Regt

Burns Tom Friends Amb Unit
Burns William RA, 4 (Durham) Survey Regt
Burton Ted RCS
Calvert Will Walt REME, 1944 Liberation Force
Campbell Sergeant RE, Rail Transport Officer
Carmichael Stewart RA, 64 Med Regt
Carne Fred RE
Carrington Victor RASC, 312 Coy
Carroll MM Alfred Nelson 2NZEF, 28th Maori Battalion




RE, 292 Field Coy

6th Div, AIF

Caswell James RAC, 3RTR
Chapman Ernest RAC, 3 RTR
Chapman Geoff RAF, 30 Sqn
Childs A.J. RASC, 308 Coy
Churchill Harold RAC, 4th QO Hussars
Churchman Eric Albert RCS, 1st Middlesex Yeomanry
Clarke J (‘Nobby’) RASC, 308 Coy
Cock Stan RASC, with 51 H/AA? & RAF?
Cockle Reg RE, 708 Construction Coy
Collier Ted REngs, Sgt
Collins Cyril RAF, 30 Sqn
Collins Haven John (Jack) 2NZEF, 4 Res MT Coy
Colman Robert RAC, 4th Q O Hussars (Mus’n)
Commander Edward “Eddie” RN, HMS Dido
Connor Charlie RAF, 53 RSU
Cook James RAC, 3RTR
Cook William RAF, 80 Sqn
Cooper Arthur RE, 3 Field Sqn
Cooper Claude Henry RAC, 3RTR, (SSM)
Cooper Charles William RASC
Cooper C W E RASC
Cooper Frederick Charles RASC
Cooper F H ‘Sherry’ RAC, 4th QO Hussars
Cooper Frank Robert RE, 580 Army Troop Corps
Cooper James Edward RSigs, 49 L/WT Sect, 3 L of C
Cooper Jack Francis RAusE, 2/8 Field Coy
Cooper Stanley RA, 2nd Heavy A/A Regt
Cooper Thomas RHA, L/N Batty, 2nd Regt
Cox Thomas RE, 580 Army Troop Coy
Crawford Cyril RASC, 211 Coy, Dvr
Crisp Robert RAC, 3RTR, Major



Claude M B

RAF, 84 Sqn


Dahl Roald RAF, 80 Sqdn, Fighter Pilot



Walter F

RE, 292 Field Coy


Darling Jim RASC, 1st Res Tpt Coy
Davies OBE Dai T RA, 206?
Davies Ken RASC, 4 Amb Coy
Dawkins Simon? RA, SAS, SBS, Sgt 1944 Lib’n
Dean Harold RAF, 1944 Liberation Force
Dean Jack RE, 292 Field Coy
Denham E A F RASC
Dexter George RASC, 308 Coy
Dexter William CMP
Dick Oswald Friends Amb Unit
Dickens Reg RAF, HQ Athens
Dodge David 2RHA (attd to 1st Rangers)
Dodgshun Joseph T 2NZEF, Dental Corps, Capt


John James

Julian Frederic

4th Q O Hussars

Royal Engineers

Dolan W S M B RASC, 13th Res MT Coy
Dominey Walter Harry RASC, 1st Res MT Coy
Donachie Joseph RAOC, 41st ML & FO Unit


J F ‘Tom’

Francis Elliot

2NZEF, 18 Bn

RAMC – 26 Br Gen Hosp Athens






Robert W

RA Fld Regt, 1944 Lib Force

308 Coy, RASC

4th QO Hussars, RAC

Dunlop Roy Alexander 2NZEF, 7th Anti-Tank Regt
Dunn Austin RE, 127 E&M Coy
Dunn Henry RE, 708 Gen Construction Coy
Dunn Robert (aka ‘Clive’) RAC, 4th Q O Hussars
Eales S.J. 1st Rangers (9th KRRC)
Edwards Albert Ernest RASC, 308 Coy
Edwards J or G RAC, 4th Q O Hussars
Eldridge John 1st Rangers (9th KRRC)
Ellams Wally A RAF, 53 RSU
Elley Richard Int Corps, Field Security Sect
Ellis Harry SAS/SBS, Lib’n Force
Evans Arthur (Raymond?) Aus Engs, 2/2 Field W/Shop
Eve Stephen RAC, 4th Q O Hussars, Capt
Fairs Jack & Bill RAF, Photo Recce Unit
Farthing Jack RAF, 230 Sqdn
Fermor Patrick Leigh Int Corps; SOE
Ffitch Bertie RAF, HQ Crete
Fitzpatrick Ronald Douglas RN, RFA Dewdale
Fletcher Alec RE, 124 E&M Coy
Fletcher B D A A AIF, 2/1st Field Regt
Fletcher Dennis RAF, 39 & 80 Sqns
Fletcher James Carson 2NZEF, 20th Rifle Brigade
Fletcher R RE, 3 (Chesh) Field Sqn
Fletcher Thomas William RASC
Flinn Andrew Hunter RE, 708 Gen Construction Coy
Flint William Payne RE, 580 Army Troop Coy
Flook Sidney Arthur RA, 7th Med Regt
Florence George Alex RAC, 3RTR
Flowers John Geoffrey AIF, 2/6th Batt
Flynn Alfred Petitt AIF, AASC, 16 Brigade
Forrester John R RASC, 769 & 770 Coy 1945
Forsythe Eric RE, 3rd (Chesh) then 295 Coy
Fountain William Wellington 2NZEF, 5th Fld Regt
Fridkin Harry RASC, 211 Coy, Dvr
Gaskill Ivor RA Lib’n Forces
Gilbert C RE Lib’n Forces
Gill Frank RE, 580 Army Troop Coy
Gill Peter RA, 7 Med Regt




RE, 3rd (Chesh) Fld Regt

Royal Corps of Signals







Grainger Albert RASC, 2nd MT
Grainger Leslie RTR, Lib’n Forces
Grainger Owen J L RAOC, Sgt
Grant Albert Doig RA, 2nd HAA Regt
Grant Ronald Hay RAC, 3RTR
Grant Sydney AIF, 2/8th Batt, 6th Aus Div
Grant William (Brit) RE, 292 Army Field Coy
Grant William (Kiwi) 2NZEF, 24th Batt
Granville John James 2NZEF, 26th Batt
Gregg Tresham Dames RAC, 3RTR (Lt)
Griffiths Pam (Mrs) She (WAAF); He (Army)
Grogan Ted RA, 64 Med Regt
Gross Arthur Victor RASC, Dvr
Guest Ron RASC
Hadwin Tom RASC, Dvr



Nicholas G L

Civilian Nurse


Hardman Ken RAF, 221 AMES MRU
Hardwick Thomas RAOC, 3 L of C
Hardy Victor Wyatt RAOC, 1st Arm Brig Coy
Hardy Frank RAC, 3RTR
Harema David 2NZEF, 28th Maori Battalion
Hargreaves John RCS, 51 Wireless Sect
Harrison Edgar RCS, Special Comms
Hartford Henry Brewerton 2NZEF, 19th Batt
Harvey Alf “Arthur” Geo RASC, 285 L of C (RH) Coy
Hawksworth Tom RM, Sergeant
Hembry Eric RHG
Heminsley Alfred RE, 292 AFC
Hemmingson Noel V 2NZEF, 21 Bn
Henderson Arthur H 6th Aus Div
Henderson Alane T Lt, 4th Q O Hussars
Heppell Bill RA & Para Bge, Lib’n Forces
Hills Trevor RE, 580 Army Troop Coy, Cpl
Hinton VC Jack’ 20 Bn, 2NZ Divn
Hopewell George V 2/9 Bn, AIF
Horlington Edwin RASC
Howarth Harry RCS, 3 L of C
Howsley Douglas T RASC, 211 Coy
Hughes Brian RAF, 230 Sqn
Hughes Claude F 2NZEF, 19 Bn
Hughes Fred A 4th Q O Hussars
Hughes Gerald RNR, Mar Eng, Ulster Prince
Hughes MM John P RE, Capt, 292 Field Coy
Ibbotson James Ernest 102 Anti-Tank Regt (North’d Hussars)
Imeson Norman A RASC
Inch James AIF, 2/1 Bn
Inder Leicester Kent 2NZEF, 26 Bn
Ingham Eric Ernest RE, 292 Army Fld Coy
Ingham Jimmy C RAOC
Ingley Harold RE, 580 Army Troop Coy
Inglis Alec D 2NZEF, 26 Bn
Irving Leonard Cecil RASC




RAF, WT Op (Special)

211 Coy, RASC

Jenkins Albert J RAMC att’d 50 ME Commando
Jennings Richard RAF, 33 Sqn
Johnson “Johnny” RAF, Photo Recce Unit
Jones Frederick RASC
Jones Leslie RE, 3rd (Cheshire) Field Sqn
Jordan Harry F 4th Q O Hussars
Jordan James S RE, 8th Railway Coy
Jordan William S 6th Aus Div
Jordan William T RASC, 211 Coy
Jorgensen Frederick C 1st Aus A-T Regt
Joynes Ronald Friends Amb Unit






Kelly R C RCS
Kelsall Richard N 2NZEF, 18 Bn
Kelso Jim CMP, 1st Provost Coy
Keltie Harry 2NZEF, 25 Bn
Kemble Kenneth W 2NZEF, 21 Bn
Kemp Charles R RASC, 211 Coy
Kemp Ernest W RANC, 26th Mob Gen Hosp
Kemp George 1st KRRC
Kemp John RAF, 80 Sqn
Kendle H RAMC, 189 Field Amb
Kennedy Alexander B RE, 292 AFC
Kennedy Andrew C RAMC
Kennedy James RHA
Kennedy James Joseph RCS, Supplementary Res GHQ
Kennedy John Alfred 2NZEF, 24th Bn
Kennedy John Miller 2NZEF, 7th A-T Regt
Kennedy Samual Archibald 2NZEF, 18th Bn
Kennedy William AASC, Supply Column
Kenney Clifford RE, 127 (Dorset) E&M Coy
Kent George H RCS, 3 L of C, Sgt
Kent George R L AIF, 2/4 Bn, Sgt
Kent Hubert R RA, 16 Bty, 2nd HAA Regt
Kent Thomas RE, 708 Gen Const Coy
Kent-Payne Stanley 4th Q O Hussars



John W


4th Q O Hussars, RAC

Lambert Dennis RE 292 Field Coy
Lane D.C. Royal Hants, 1944-46
Langley Alec J RCS, Sgt
Langley Jack RCS, Signalman
Lappin William P RAC, 3RTR
Lawrence Charles Henry RAC, HQ
Lawrence Charles Howard 2NZEF, 4th Res MY Coy
Lawrinson Gerry RE, ??? Control Group, Sgt
Laws Frank George RASC, 4th Supply Coy
Lawson John J 4th Q O Hussars
Lawson John W 4th Q O Hussars
Lawson Thomas J RCS, 3 L of C
Lay Norman V RE, 512 Survey Regt
Laycock Richard RA, 52 LAA Regt
Leach E S RAF, 80 Sqn
Ledgerwood John NZ Padre
Lee Geoff RASC
Leighton Ronald 1944 Lib’n Forces
Lewes Hugh RAF, 112 Sqn
Loftus Michael J RAOC
Lovell Peter N/k, but interested in HMS Hero
Lowe Edward (‘Eddie’) RAF
Lugg Horace William RASC




RAF, shot down over Greece

708 Construction Coy, RE

Manley Bill RA, 2RHQ
Marchant W.E. “Eddy” RAC, 4th Q O Hussars, Sgt
Marley Matthew R RAF, 33 Sqn, Cpl
Martin David? RAC, 3 RTR
Maskell Jack RAC, 3RTR
Matthews George RE
Matthews William (Bill) RAF Regt, 1944 Liberation Force
McDermott Lawrence RHA, 106 LAA Battery
McIntosh Andrew RCS
McNabb Richard O’Brien SOE
Miley Jack RA, 20 Heavy AA Bty
Millard T RASC, 1944 Liberation Force
Millington Ken A RE, 292 Army Fld Coy
Mitchell Andrew J AIF, 6th Bn
Mitchell Bill 4th QOH, RAC
Mitchell David Aif, 2/1 M/Gun Bn
Mitchell Harry RAC
Mitchell Iain J RE, 7th Arm Div
Mitchell Jack 2NZEF, 21 Bn
Mitchell James M A RE, 517 Fld Surv Coy
Mitchell John Ernest 2nd Bn, KOR Regt
Mitchell William George 2nd Bn, HLI
Mooney H RA, 20 Heavy AA Bty, Gnr
Morris Raymond RAOC
Moss Frank RHA, 106 Light AA Bty
Newman Charles A 4th Q O Hussars
Newman George B 2NZEF, 23 Bn
Newman Royston H RAC, 3RTR
Newstead John 4th Q O Hussars, SQMS


James A

James C


80 Base Sub-Area, RASC




Conal McD


292 Field Sdn RE, SOE (BLO)

O’Donnell James RE, Survey Unit
O’Meara Charles J AIF, Div Sigs
O’Meara H Alfred 2NZEF, 5th Fld Regt
O’Neill James H RASC, 215 Coy, 4 L of C
Palmer C.W. “Bob” RHA, 104 Essex Yeomanry
Parrington Leonard Brigadier, SBO Kalamata
Parrish Ernest RA, 155 LAA Battery
Parsons Ivor RE
Pass Benjamin RE, 7 Movement Control Group
Passmore (from d-i-l Mrs C) SS Slamat (survival unknown)
Paterson Charles Alexander 2NXEF, 27 Bn
Paterson Harold Robert AASC, AIF
Paterson John RASC, 312 Coy
Paterson William Dickman RE, 292 Field Coy
Paul Frank RAF, 53 & 54 Rep & Salv Unit
Peachey Edward John 2NZEF, 46 LAD, 17 Brig HQ
Peacock Eric Frederick RA, HQ Med Artillery
Peacock Joseph RA, 52 LA/A Regt
Pearce Graham C. RE, Survey Unit
Pearce Jack’ RAVC
Pearce (from Mrs M) RASC
Pearson Jack RA, 122 LAA Battery
Perry Alan RAF Regt, 1944 Lib’n Force



Thomas Oswald

RN, HMS Orion

C Sqn, Div Cav, 2NZEF

Pickering (from Mrs J) RE, 580 AT Coy
Plater Joseph SAS
Pleavin James RE, 3rd (Cheshire) Field Sqn
Potts N/K RAMC
Preddy Jesse 4th Q O Hussars
Price Ernest Edward RAVC
Prout Stanley RM, Sgt
Pryke Ronald REME, 1944 Liberation Force
Pugh Douglas RASC, 1 Bulk Petrol Store
Pugh Jane TANS, 26 Military Hospital
Pull E “Alf” RASC, 308 Coy
Raine Thomas William RAC
Reading Douglas RA
Reading James RA, 52nd LAA Regt
Reay George Atholl AASC, 6th Div HQ
Redfern Frederick George 2NZEF, 24th Bn
Reed Henry Edward RCS, 108 Spec Wireless Sect
Rew Charlie “Kanga” RASC, 2 BPFC



Douglas J

RM, HMS Glenearn

4th QO Hussars, RAC

Richardson John (Jack) RASC (312 Coy?)
Roberts Barney Aus 2/12 Inf Bn (possibly?)
Robinson J Arthur RCS
Rock Leslie RAMC, 26 Military Hospital
Rockhall Bill C “Rocky” RAF, 80 & 84 Sqns, BAFG
Rose John RN (attached to Royal Hellenic Navy)
Rouse Alan RE, 111 Workshop
Royal Navy Summary Reports RN + MN
Sanderson Eric RAC, 4th Q O Hussars
Savage E L Capt, RAOC
Savage Leslie William RAC, 4th Q O Hussars
Savage Robin (Capt) 4th QO and/or 7 Commando
Savory Allan Ernest 2NZEF, 2nd Echelon Office
Sax Hans Palestine Pioneer Corps (AMPC)
Sax Walter Palestine Pioneer Corps (AMPC)





113 Sqn RAF

Scott Norman CMP, 1st Provost Coy



Robert S

RCS, 3 Air Formation

7 Movement Control, RE

Sharpin Eddie RASC, att’d to BAFG
Shaw Eric ‘Gerry’ RAC, 3RTR
Short Norman 4 Para, 1944 Liberation Force
Siddall Harold RN
Skelton Arthur RN, HMS Troubridge, Lib’n Force
Slocombe Allan RE, 292 Field Coy
Smith Frank RASC, 211 Coy
Spackman Francis G Capt, 2NZEF, 19 Bn
Spalding David A 2NZEF, 26 Bn
Spalding Hugh Black Watch Regt
Spall Gerald R RASC
Spalton Thomas E RA, 122 Bty, 13th LAA Regt
Spark John A L AIF. Petrol Coy, AASC
Sparkes John RASC, No 1 Res MT Coy
Sparks Edward John RASC, No 1 Res MT Coy
Squires Knobby’ RASC
St Clair Leonard RAOC, att’d to 1KRRC
Stevenson Ronald RAC, 3 RTR



Donald I

1944 Liberation Force

Friends Ambulance Unit

Swinley C S B RN, Cdr, O/C HMS Isis
Swinnerton Jack RHA
Syme Robert RE, Ex-Pat local recruit
Tapsell Edwin RAF Regt, 2924 Sqn 1944-45
Tattershall Stanley RN, HMS Hero
Theodoracopulos Taki Possibly Greek Journalist, 1941
Thwaites George RAF, 80 & 84 Sqns



James Frederick

RAF, 33 Sqn


Turnidge Ronald 1944 Lib’n Forces, Lt
Wakefield Lionel Henry 2NZEF RE, 6th Field Coy
Wakeling Alfred William RAVC, 1st Remount Sqdn
Wakeling Stanley Thomas RE, 708 Gen Const Coy
Waksberg Israel Palestine Pioneer Corps (AMPC)



Peter Michael


no7 Commando and SOE

Ward Aubrey “Sharky” RN, HMS Hero



Gordon Smith


155 Bty, 52 LAA Regt, RA (TA)






113 Sqn, RAF

Welch Harold RAMC, 26 Mob Hosp, Athens
Wenham Leslie Royal Sussex Regt, 1944-47
West Ben RAMC
Whale George Victor 2NZEF, 25 Bn
Wheatcroft Frank 4th Q O Hussars
Wheatley Denis LAD, RAOC, att’d 4 QOHussars
Wheatley Jack RN, HMS Greyhound
Wheeler Alfred RASC



S A ‘Chalky’



Wild Joseph RAVC
Wilde Jack RASC
Wilding James B Liecestershire Regt (in Crete)
Wiles Cecil H RA, Northumberland Hussars
Wilkenfeld David Palestine Pioneer Corps
Wilkin Cyril E RASC, 1st Arm Bgde Coy
Wilkins Ernest J RAMC, BMA Civil Affairs Branch
Wilkinson Sidney RASC, 13 Res MT Coy
Willcockson Ernest R RASC, 308 MT Coy
Williams Elvet Welch Regt
Williams Glyn RAF, 80 Sqn
Williams Lofty’ RASC, 308 Coy
Williams William Alfred AIF, 6th Aust Div, WO1 – Capt
Willmott Ken RAC, 4th Q O Hussars



Leslie Frank

6 RTR, 1939-47 (Not in Greece)

Royal Signals

Wolstenholme John William RASC, att’d 2/6 & 2/11 Bns
Young D H RN, HMS Kingston



William ‘Bill’

RE, Capt, O/C 292 Coy

RHN? Zoodochus Pigi (Greek Tug)