Eddie Myers

Eddie Myers was an officer in the Royal Engineers who was recruited in late 1942 by SOE to lead a team intent on blowing up three railway viaducts in the Brallos Pass area. A main supply route of the Axis forces was a single-track railway down the centre of Greece to the port of Piraeus, where supplies for North Africa were either shipped or flown by way of Crete to Tobruk and Benghazi. If the line could be put out for a few weeks, Rommel and his Africa Korps would be badly hit by lack of supplies, and Montgomery’s planned attack at El Alamein would have a greater chance of success. Known as Operation Harling the plan to destroy the Gorgopatomos viaduct in central Greece on 25 November 1942, was one of the first major sabotage acts in Axis occupied Europe. For more information see Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Harling . Myer’s party missed their submarine out of Greece, and therefore had to stay on throughout winter. Their reports made it clear to the British government that there was plenty of mobilized and mobilizable resistance in the Greek mountains, but almost all of it was anti-monarchist.