Breaking news: we are publishing the contents of our Archive on our website

As you may or may not be aware, our Archivist Noah Scott has spent the last few years building and curating The Brotherhood Archive. It is based on accounts from individuals who were involved in some way in the Greek Campaign, the majority of whom are (or were) members of the Brotherhood, supplemented by information from our research and other sources. In developing the Archive, Noah has captured – not just people’s activities as part of the Greek Campaign – but where possible, their whole stories. Typically we have gathered information as follows:

  • Registration Form
  • Foreword (including published works if appropriate)
  • Pre-Greece (UK training, passage to Suez, time in Egypt etc)
  • Greek Campaign (advance, withdrawal, evacuation, surrender)
  • Post-Greece (further military career or Prisoner of War)
  • Post-Script and Last Post

Our Archive currently consists of information on 540 Greek Veterans whose stories (in terms of detail) range as follows:

  • Basic information (as per the Registration Form for all veterans who are listed)
  • POW questionnaires and debriefs
  • Detailed and comprehensive stories

We are pleased to tell you that, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the 1941 Greek Campaign, we have embarked on an extensive programme to publish the contents of our Archive on our website. For every single veteran listed on this website (where we have the information) we are adding their story. We are half way through this project and have uploaded information we hold in our Archive for surnames beginning A to L, namely Abbs to Lugg. 

To access the individual chapters of these stories, you will need to click on the person’s name to open up their Registration Form. Then scroll down until you come to STORY. Under this, you will find a short introduction and a series of headings/links which will take you to the relevant PDF files.

We will update you again when we have completed this (not insignificant) task. In the coming months we also plan to showcase key veterans and their stories to encourage people to explore and get to know these amazing individuals.


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