Announcing WW2 Greek Veterans and Campaigns Facebook Group

We are pleased to announce that a new “members” only Facebook Group for Veterans of WW2 in Greece has been created. The aim is to foster day-to-day communications, exchanges and information between Group members concerning the second World War in Greece. The group, which is a private closed group, already comprises over 100 members. If you are a Facebook user and care to join, the Facebook page can be found using the following link address:

We hope that Facebook will bring the Greek Campaign to a larger audience and we see it as a valuable addition to our communications for the future. The Brotherhood is delighted to be associated with this new initiative, which we are sure will uncover new information in this special 80th Anniversary year of the events of 1941. Should you have trouble finding the Facebook Group and/or have problems joining it, please email us at and we will pleased to assist you.