Books added to Resources section of the website

We have added more books to the Resources section – as recommended by our members :

Platon Alexiades, Target Corinth Canal 1940-1944, 2015

Stanley Casson, Greece Against the Axis, 1941

Robert Crisp, The Gods Were Neutral, A story of the Greek Campaign 1941, 1960

Roger Field, Geoffrey Gordo and N. Creed, Rogue Male, Sabotage and Seduction behind Enemy Lines with Geoffrey Gordon-Creed DSO, MC, 2012

Adrian Gilbert The Imperial War Museum Book of the Desert War 1940-42

Francis S. Jones, Escape to Nowhere, 1952

Francis S. Jones, Hit or Miss, The Adventures of Driver Randle Barlow, 1954

Michael Woodbine Parish, Aegean Aventures 1940-1943 and the end of Churchill’s Dream, 1993

Miles Reid MC, Last on the List, 1974 (first written in 1942 when events were still fresh in his mind).  Interestingly, there is mention in the book of a Trooper Cooper who turns out to be L/Cpl Francis Herbert (Sherry) Cooper 4th QO Hussars, later PoW, the husband of Dora and the father of Cyril. Cyril  has attended our UK Reunions regularly with Dora.