Veteran Story: Eric Sanderson

This week we are pleased to feature Trooper Eric Rockcliff Sanderson of the QO 4th Hussars, father of David Sanderson our Chairman. 

Eric joined the 4th Hussars in 1938. In early 1941 he found himself in northern Greece, and on 6th April 1941, the day after his 21st birthday, he woke to learn that Germany had invaded northern Greece. As a tank driver at the rear end of the retreat to the ports in the south, Eric was one of around 8,000 men left behind in late April 1941. He took to the Taygetos mountains where some 800 men attempted to make their way even further south hoping that a boat would come to take them to safety. Most of these “evaders” were caught pretty quickly. Eric did very well as he managed to avoid  capture for several months until late October, when he was captured by the Italians and taken as a PoW to Italy. Following the Italian collapse in September 1943, Eric was then taken by the Germans to Germany. 

Please click on the link below and scroll down to STORY where you will be able to read about Eric’s  experiences. You will also find links to information about the QO 4th Hussars. 

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