Funding The Brotherhood activities

Funding The Brotherhood activities is not something we have talked about. As you may or may not be aware, although informal and run by members who are volunteers, The Brotherhood does have regular outgoings. These are ‘third party’ costs and expenditure relating to our annual services in Kalamata and Lichfield; the website; our newsletters as well costs involved in the upkeep of the Greek Grove at the NMA. However, we have no regular source of income. Unlike other organisations, we  do not charge a  membership fee or request annual subscriptions.

Over the years, we have  been very fortunate to have benefitted from donations from members, some of which have been very generous. However, unlike our outgoings, these donations are by their very nature ad hoc. The refurbishment of the Greek Grove in 2018 significantly depleted our funds which means we are starting to look at new and different ways to finance The Brotherhood’s activities going forward, particularly to ensure the future of our memorials. At this stage, we would welcome your views and ideas. Please email us at