Veteran Story: Jack Wentworth Ansell

We are pleased to feature Jack Ansell’s story this week. Jack was a keen member of The Brotherhood and author of the book ‘Khaki and Cowdung’. Jack appeared in a recent BBC VE Day programme where he talked about his time as a PoW including the book of poems he put together on behalf of his fellow PoWs, having found a typewriter discarded by the Germans when they left the camp on 8th May 1945. “Whilst waiting, with several thousand other former British prisoners of war to be repatriated to the United Kingdom, I set up shop with my typewriter. Men came to me with these poems written on scraps of paper for me to type out”. 

Please click on the link below and scroll down to STORY where you will be able to read about Jack’s experiences. You will find the book of poems within his PostScript. We also include a link to the article we published last year. 

Read Jack Ansell’s Story

Jack Wentworth Ansell featured in BBC VE Day programme




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